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Jon Shapiro

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Jon Shapiro is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Elimint. In this role, Jon specializes in client relations, account development and sales growth. Jon’s outstanding communication and interpersonal skills along with his background in sales and marketing make him ideal for the web development industry.  With his positive attitude, self-motivation, outgoing personality and unwavering sense of duty to his clients, Jon has proven throughout his career to be facilitator for creativity and entrepreneurship.

Jon Shapiro - Elimint Co-Founder

Jon brings a wide variety of skills to Elimint; over 15 years of customer service, marketing and sales experience. Prior establishing Elimint, Jon worked as a Recruiter into a Senior Executive Recruiter and ultimately worked his way up as a Partner in the firm from 1999-2009. There, he specialized in building relationships with a variety of candidates in order to generate new clients for leading small businesses to large companies and as high up as major fortune 500 companies. In 2009, he began his journey into entrepreneurship when he co-founded Nu Environmental Inc., a consulting firm. From the ground up, Nu Environmental Inc. continues to grow as a successful business.

In 2015, Jon encouraged Elimint Co-Founder Richard Barkinskiy to establish an entrepreneurship that would compliment both their skill sets; Richard’s vast technical and web design knowledge and Jon’s adeptness in handling client needs, catalyzing sales growth along with his eyes for creative designs. In April 2015, Elimint was born. Together, they are committed to providing their clients with websites that not only showcase the best features of their business, but one that is manageable, user-friendly, visually enthralling, and uses cutting-edge design elements. Jon’s indomitable drive to be creative has allowed him to serve his clients in the best possible way. Moreover, he takes pride in offering his clients the most comprehensive web developing services in a prompt and professional manner.

In addition to being the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Elimint, Jon also serves on the Board of Directors for the FSL in Downtown Los Angeles. Volunteering in the DTLA community is an important endeavor for Jon. He is involved in several DTLA community outreach programs, where he is engaged in tackling issues like homelessness, public safety, and community beautification.

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