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ZiZi Pak

Real Estate

ZiZi Pak began her career 1981 in real estate working as an agent for Alvarez Hyland & Young, a high-end boutique real estate firm known for representing celebrities and some of the largest and more glamorous properties in Beverly Hills.

Over the past 30 years, Zizi has won numerous real estate industry awards and honors for outstanding sales and services. Within the residential market she is regarded as an authority in the areas of fiduciary sales, including: trusts, probate, receivership, as a partition referee and on bankruptcy sales, representing several hundred properties, including 75 for one receiver.

ZiZi’s goal for her website was to maintain a clean, easy-to-use design while including an ability to search for her real estateĀ property listings. We worked directly with her to achieve her desired look and feel for the website that extends her experience and professionalism in the real estate industry.

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ZiZi Pak


ZiZi Pak


ZiZi Pak

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ZiZi Pak

(310) 246-0354