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Small Changes, Big Motivation For Your Weekly Routine

It’s Monday. You’ve just finished the weekend, Netflix-and-chill time has ended, time to start the work week again. Most of us dread this initial moment as we head into our new week, sort of mentally telling ourselves that it’s gonna be a long one until the next weekend arrives. What most of us don’t realize is that these feelings can be changed- we can change them ourselves, and much more simply than one would expect. By creatively altering and adding new routines and patterns, we can bring inspiration, motivation and increased productivity into both our work and day-to-day lives.

Step 1

Rather than continue to fall into the “I work for the weekends” state of mind, try connecting to the phrase “do something each day that inspires you”, a much better daily mantra to follow. Reward yourself with something EVERY DAY, not just on the weekends. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean go on a shopping spree or go out to dinner every day. Rather, find something to add to each weekday routine that makes you happy (and also doesn’t have to be on a large scale).

Step 2

Find a creative outlet. Studies have shown that art activates the pleasure centers of our brain. Not only does art help with improved functionality in cognitive processes such as introspection, self-monitoring, awareness and even memory, but it also decreases stress. So, pick an art project that suits you, whether it be painting, sketching, writing, knitting, ceramics (at places like Color Me Mine), or something as simple as doodling. Studies have also shown that even the act of viewing art improves overall brain function.

Step 3

Meditate. Yes, that’s right, meditate. Studies have shown that finding a little time each day to meditate not only reduces stress, but also improves overall happiness and increases better mental concentration and focus, among many other benefits. Learn more about the benefits of meditation.

So everyone, have fun implementing these small changes into your work week, and enjoy life! 🙂

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